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The Investment and Trade section at the Embassy of Malawi in Washington DC exists to promote Malawi as a preferred investment destination. The section also facilitates and promotes Malawian products in the US, Canada and other countries of accreditation. 

Why Choose Malawi

  • Streamlined Investment Procedures

Streamlined Investment Establishment Procedures through the One Stop Service Centre housed at the Malawi Investment and Trade Centre


  • Liberalised Economy & Political Commitment

Market-driven interest rates and floating exchange rates. Government co-invests in strategic areas as a way of supporting and promoting private sector growth and development.

  • Preferential Market Access

Preferential Access to world markets through bilateral and multilateral trade agreements including COMESA, SADC, AfCTA, EU and AGOA. 

​​Political Stability & Security

Malawi has no history of civil war and has a vibrant democratic government making it Africa’s beacon of peace and a stable political climate for doing business.

  • Competitive Labour Market

Malawi prides itself on its large, highly educated, skilled, hardworking, trainable English-speaking workforce trained within the country and in institutions around the world.

  • Untapped Investment Opportunities

Malawi possesses untapped abundance of investment opportunities particularly in the following priority sectors: agriculture, energy, mining, manufacturing, infrastructure development/ICT, Tourism and Finance.

  • Investor-Friendly Climate

Malawi offers an increasingly attractive destination for foreign investors, with competitive investors' tax incentives package.

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