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There is a large population of Malawians in the diaspora. The Malawi Embassy in Washington DC has jurisdiction over the United States, Canada, Mexico, and Puerto Rico. The Embassy is appealing for Malawians living in these countries to register with the embassy so that we can easily communicate with you and serve you better. There is so much the diaspora community can accomplish if we put our hands together. Click here to register


Individual Investment Demand Questionnaire (for individuals)
Thank you for accepting to participate in this individual diaspora investment demand survey. This survey supports the Government of Malawi's drive to engage and incentivize its diaspora to invest in Malawi.
The goal of this survey is to gauge the diasporas' demand for different investment products and vehicles. It deals with the diasporas' current remittance and investment behavior as well as future demand for investments and other diaspora-focused products.
The term "diaspora" in the context of this survey refers to Malawians who live and/or work in another country, whether on a temporary or permanent basis. This broad definition attempts to cover a wider array of individuals, including, but not limited to, people of Malawian ancestry who emigrated and even the second and subsequent generations of emigrants.
We kindly ask that you fill in this questionnaire by November 28th November 2023.
For questions and clarifications, please contact: Dr Winford Masanjala, at or by Phone on +265 999 425100. He can also be contacted through the Department of Economics, School of Law, Economics and Governance, University of Malawi, P.O. Box 280, Zomba.


Malawian organizations based in North America (USA and Canada) are jointly raising funds to help victims and survivors of the devastating flooding caused by Tropical Cyclone Freddy.  Malawi Diaspora Network (MDN) a private non-profit is working to complement government relief efforts; the Embassy of the Republic Malawi in the US is aware of and supports these fundraising efforts providing up-to-date information on victims needs and helping establish priorities. MDN comprises the Malawians in Diaspora Association of Canada (MiDAC), Malawians In Texas Organization (MITO 501c3), Malawi Association in Washington (MAWA 501c3), Malawi Washington Foundation (MWF), New England Malawi Association (NEMA 501c3), Malawi Seattle Association (MSA, 501c3), Association of Malawians in Houston, Malawi Dallas Ft Worth Association (MADFA), BETAMW, NAMFRE and US Malawians-Relief Funds. 

There are a significant number of Malawian groups living in the United States of America who are contributing significantly towards the development both in the USA and motherland, Malawi. Some of these groups are Association of Malawians in Houston, Malawi Washington Foundation, Malawi Diaspora Network, Malawi Initiatives, Malawi Washington Association, USA Malawians - Relief Fund, Malawi Seattle Association, Mu Umodzi Wathu, The Black Tie, Malawians in Diaspora Association of Canada Incorporated ( MiDAC Inc), NAMFREE, Malawians in Texas( MIT), MADFA, BetaMW and many more.

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