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For consular services, book through:

The Embassy is pleased to assist in the renewal of your Malawi passports as well as new passports for minors.

You can book your appointment to come and have your fingerprints for the processing of passports.

There are two important things to take note of;

Firstly, due to maintenance works at the Embassy, appointments for the processing of passports are offered on Tuesdays and Fridays, We are working as quickly as we can to return to our regular days. You can book your appointment by writing to or

Will I pay at the Embassy for my passport?

It is now a requirement by the department of immigration and Citizenship services that payment for passports be made at their offices in Malawi.

Will I need to go to Malawi for payment of my passport fee?

No, you will only need to send your representative who is already in Malawi to make payment.

Please get more information by writing the embassy as indicated above

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