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For consular services, book through:

Malawi Visas are now available online. The portal is known as The Malawi E-Visa System .The online portal for the application of visas will offer guidance on all Visa related issues.

How do I Know if I need a Visa?

The Malawi E-Visa System will advise you whether you need a Visa to enter Malawi. Visit the portal and enter your details on the eligibility criteria provided.

How will I make Payment for my Visa?

Payment for your online visa will be made right there on the portal with the use of either a credit or debit card. The system will generally accept all internationally recognized cards.

How do I find the Malawi E-Visa System?

Please visit to apply for your Visa.

Are there alternative ways of applying for my Visa?

The Malawi Department of Immigration advises that you obtain prior to your departure to Malawi. However, and in recognition of certain challenges that travelers may face, the department has authorized  nationals of the following nations to obtain a Visa on arrival as well;



Sweden and

The United States of America

In addition, holders of Diplomatic, official or service passports in our area of jurisdiction may may get a  Gratis Visa letters. Please note that these visa letters are offered free of any charge. 

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