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The Embassy of the Republic of Malawi in the USA in collaboration with Minnesota Africans United ( MAU) and Prosper Africa has organized an investment and business forum to be held on 18th September 2023 on the sidelines of the United Nations 78th General Assembly in New York. The forum follows Malawi's participation at the US - Africa Leaders' summit that was hosted by the US Government in December 2022 and a webinar on the trade and investment opportunities in Malawi hosted by the Embassy in April 2023.

The forum aims to attract US public and private investment by providing a platform to discuss trade and investment opportunities available in Malawi. It is expected that the forum will also help to encourage more public and private potential investors to participate in the Trade mission to Malawi planned for October 2023. The forum will provide space to make a case for Malawi as a prime destination for business and investment. A key expected ultimate outcome of the forum is increased investment and business partnerships between Malawi and the US. The forum is targeting US private sector and US Government agencies relevant to the energy, mining, ICT, tourism, financial and agricultural sectors. 




Following the Global Giving Gala by Woodview Oral Surgery and Oral Surgery DC, alongside Project Cure Org, the Medical Mission team arrived in Malawi on the 29th of May 2023 with 10 Medical Practitioners including Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons from United States of America. The Smiling Surgeons, led by Dr Tania Nkungula, a Malawian maxillofacial surgeon based in the USA and Justice Esme Jynet Chombo, the Malawi Ambassador to the USA stayed in the country for a two-week camp offering surgeries to different tumors that affects mouth, jaws and correcting defects in faces but also treating victims of road accidents. Apart from giving relief to the patients and health practioners which at the moment has only one Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon, the mission donated essential medical equipment that will be utilized for the procedures and future operations.US Ambassador to Malawi, David Young and Minister of Health Hon Khumbize Chiponda commended the Mission team for the commitment in promoting the well-being of Malawi.



Woodview Oral Surgery and Oral Surgery DC along with their friends and colleagues are leading a Medical Missions trip to Malawi to provide essential medical supplies, transportation for patients and facilitating the delivery of health services. Tisdale-Woods Foundation, the gracious host will provide tax deductible allowance for your tickets and generous donations. Lets come together and make a positive impact to those in need back in Malawi - one smile at a time. Don't miss out on the opportunity to celebrate a great cause and make the world better place. Purchase your ticket here



The Embassy of the Republic of Malawi, in Washington DC, in collaboration with Prosper Africa, Minnesota Africans United, and the Worlds Fair Bid Committee Education Fund have organized a Trade and Investment Webinar which will be held on 14th April,  2023 from 8.30am to 11.00am (EST). The webinar follows Malawi's participation at the US - Africa Leaders' Summit that was hosted by the the US government December 2022. The webinar will discuss on financing opportunities available for Malawi under the prosper Africa initiative. Among others, the webinar is targeting the Malawian Diaspora, the U.S. private sector , the Malawi private sector, the Malawi private sector, relevant government of Malawi ministries and agencies, and the U.S. government agencies/departments. A key expected outcome of the webinar is motivation of the U.S. private sector to participate in a Trade Mission to Malawi that will help to attract potential U.S. buyers of Malawian products and therefore make the associated Investment in Malawi worthwhile.


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Awards aims to sensitize the importance of increasing exports of Malawi made products, creation of exports culture and awarding best performing exports in the country. The Malawi Government through the Ministry of Trade and in conjunction with the Malawi Investment and Trade Centre ( MITC) is conducting the Malawi Exporters awards. Check the dates and plan to attend.

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PRESS RELEASE Cyclone Freddy Mourning 2.jpg
GoFundMe Achor

Cyclone Freddy  GoFundMe

A small donation could help Malawian Community - North America reach their fundraising goal. And if you can't make a donation, it would be great if you could share the fundraiser to help spread the word.

Malawi experienced Cyclone Freddy on the 03/13/2023 in the southern part of the country. Floods swept away many areas after the storm tore through the southern districts. Cyclone Freddy became the longest-lived tropical storm ever recorded after first developing off the North Australian coast and becoming a named storm on February 6th. It looped across Madagascar and Quelimane in neighboring Mozambique before rains moved into Malawi.


The Department of Disaster Management Affairs (DoDMA) Cyclone Freddy draft assessment report as of 04/06/2023 indicates that 2,267,458 people have been affected by Tropical Cyclone Freddy in Malawi. The number of displaced people stands at 659,278 (with 767 in camps), 2,171 injuries, 676 dead and 533 missing.


The highest reported impact was in the agriculture sector, where a total of 2,267,458 people (51 percent women) lost their crops and livestock as 179,223 hectares of land have been destroyed. The second highest recorded impact was food security with 1.3 million people being acutely food insecure. Regarding shelter, 882,989 households had their houses either partially or completely damaged. Most roads are currently inaccessible.


The United States of America, through their agencies and many other countries across are supporting the Malawi government in providing aid to the affected areas. The Embassy of Malawi in the United States of America and the Malawian Diaspora are also providing aid back to the motherland hence appealing for more support through the GoFundMe above.


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Update on Cyclone Freddy


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 Takulandirani Malawi International Tourism Exposition 2023


The Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Wildlife is pleased to inform all its valued partners, stakeholders and the general public of the return of the Takulandirani Malawi International Tourism Exposition 2023. The Exposition returns after a 3-year hiatus that was as a result of Covid-19 pandemic control measures that included the ban of international travel. The Expo is coming at an important time when the Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Wildlife is building on its efforts to restore the Tourism sector that has suffered due to the effects of the Covid - 19 pandemic. Apart from providing opportunities for hosted buyers to enhance their practical knowledge of the Malawi tourism which in turn will enable the buyers confidently sell Malawi in their respective markets, the Expo will also host 12 international writers and documentary producers from the key traveler generating who will be in the country to collect Malawi tourism content for their respective media that will be utilized to generate Malawi Tourism visibility targeted towards consumers in the source markets. The Expo's major outcomes include the creation of meaningful long term business relationships that result in increased regional and international tourism travel to Malawi; reinforcing the Malawi Tourism Brand in the key traveler generating countries and providing an opportunity for capacitation and also providing domestic and international tourism business opportunities amongst others.


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The Export Awareness and Exporters Awards 2023 is being organized by the Malawi Government through the Ministry of Trade and in conjunction with the Malawi Investment and Trade Centre ( MITC). The event is scheduled to take place from the 29th to the 30th of March,2023 at the Bingu International Conventional Centre in Lilongwe Malawi. 


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Malawi will host its 3rd National Development Conference to take stock of the progress and challenges made in the first 10 year Implementation Plan of the country's vision 2063 under the theme 'Malawi 2063 One Year on: Forging Concerted Efforts on the Journey to Wealth Creation and Self - Reliance' The Conference will be held from 2nd to 3rd February, 2023 at the Bingu International Conference Center. Dr Lazarus McCarthy Chakwera, President of the Republic of Malawi will officially open the Conference.


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The President of the Republic of Malawi, Dr Lazarus McCarthy Chakwera has arrived in Washington D.C. for the U.S - Africa Leaders' Summit 2022. The President and First lady Madam Monica Chakwera were welcomed by Secretary to the President Ms. Collen Zamba, Malawi Minister of Agriculture - Hon Sam Kawale, Ambassador of Malawi to Washington Dc, Justice Esme Jynet Chombo and officials from the embassy.

The Malawi leader and other 49 African leaders will join the American President Joe Biden, and the business and civil society communities in discussing business and investment matters under the theme ' Partnerships for a prosperous and resilient future'. President Biden will on the 14th of December make a keynote speech intended to advance a two-way trade and investment partnership that bolster Africa's role in the global economy, scale innovation and entrepreneurship. Apart from strengthening the dialogue between US officials, young Africans and citizens from the continent will discuss sustainable health and conservation. The summit will on December 15th, discuss government meetings and discussions that will focus on good governance, human rights, peace sustainable development, food security and many more.


The Malawi leader and other African leaders are expected to speak during the summit.


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The Embassy of the Republic of Malawi in Washington, D.C., is pleased to inform the general public that His Excellency the President, Dr. Lazarus McCarthy Chakwera, is scheduled to be in Washington, D.C, for the U.S. Africa Leaders ’summit hosted by President Joe Biden from December 13th to 15th, 2022.

The summit will demonstrate the United States enduring commitment to Africa and underscore the importance of U.S. - Africa relationships and increased cooperation on shared global priorities. African and Diaspora Young Leaders Forum, African Growth and Opportunity Act (AGOA) Trade Ministerial, Partnership for Sustainable Health Cooperation and Leaders sessions plus many more are some of the events.

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